About Me


I was born in the year in which Jack Clayton made The Great Gatsby – the legendary adaptation  with Robert Redford in the leading part. At the same time Goran Bregović officially formed in Sarajevo the band Bjelo dugme (White Button) – one of the brightest emblems of the Yugoslav rock and roll scene when nobody had any idea that the Bosnian musician would became the most recognizable film composer from the Balkans… Actually, these two facts metaphorically summarize the motives for my definite career and professional development: the cinéphilia, especially in terms of the cinema of the Balkans, and my longstanding interest in South Eastern European cultural phenomena during the 20th and the 21st centuries.

For website visitors who would like to read detailed information about me, my professional CV is included as the following attached file: Gergana Doncheva – CV – English